An information and reporting system designed specifically for offshore industries who desire global connectivity between all onshore and offshore sites.

Select one or more of the above modules dependent upon your needs.

Configurable to be replicated to your remote sites offshore, a single onshore installation, or hosted externally.

A complete reporting and monitoring solution coupled with the ability to store all your company and crew documentation.

Insite offers a wide range of monitoring and reporting tools catering for the niche requirements of offshore industries. Insite transparently ensures that all your documentation onshore and offshore has the latest up-to-date versions.


Our Operations module enables near real-time HQ visibility of all day-to-day commercial activity for all your remote sites. This allows HQ to easily monitor remote operations from both an activity and revenue perspective giving a clear and concise global overview of your remote sites. Offshore, the OIM/onboard management have all the data a simple mouse-click away.

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Global transparency and accountability in all report logging and associated action-tracking plus a powerful permit-to-work and risk management features make Insite HSEQ industry-leading.

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Sales / Tenders

Project planning, financial modelling, an integrated 'active' vessel schedule along with detailed bid management functionality make our Sales module unique.

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Company & Crew Documents

Store your company procedures and Management System within Insite allowing access from all sites. Decentralised crew document management allows for passports, visas, certificates and innoculations to be handled efficiently and collaboratively between offshore and onshore.

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In addition to these modules, we also have an admin module that is required for management of reference data and user management.


Insite Offshore is a Wilce & Co. product and is designed to work for widely distributed companies who have their operations spread all across the globe and network communications between their remote sites cannot always be guaranteed. It brings together all your employees at all your remote sites, linking them with each other and with headquarters giving global transparency. All of this is done while working at local network speeds at the remote sites and with near real-time background synchronisation.

Insite Offshore is a web-based information system and uses a modular design which allows it to cater specifically to individual departments while also pulling together data from multiple modules to give the most complete picture possible. This modular design also allows each part to stand alone or be combined with any number of the other modules to provide an unparalleled level of flexibility.

Our HSEQ, Operations Logging, and Sales/Bid Management modules have been used on hundreds of projects and are currently deployed at numerous sites across the world. In addition to these modules we have a Documents module that caters for company documents (Management System, Procedures, Policies, etc.) as well as those which are crew-centred such as passports, visas, certificates and inoculations.

Whilst Insite ideally runs at your local sites, we understand this is not always possible and we cater for off-site operation with access over the satellite links. It's not our preferred mode of operation but with short-term charters or a lack of onboard IT equipment, it provides a mechanism for keeping the remote site connected with the rest of the organisation.

Also, please note that Insite can run as a hybrid-network where some sites are fully replicated onboard and others are accessing the system over the links. This provides our customers with the most flexibility when it comes to system set-up.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions on how Insite may work for your organisation.


Insite offers multiple modules tailoured for different areas and departments of your organisation. It has been designed for the offshore industries from the ground-up and is, we believe, unique.

It would be relatively unusual for any single user to utilise all the data via their modules of interest but the power of an integrated system means that under the covers we are leveraging data from disparate areas of your organisation so that others benefit from that shared knowledge.

Robust security ensures that only those with relevant access are allowed direct access to given areas of the application.

Please review the details of our modules below.

Insite For Your Company

Commissioning a new system can be a drawn out and fraught process. Our experience in providing systems to the offshore industry for the last two decades ensures that we are able to move more quickly and implementation should be in terms of days and weeks rather than months.

Because Insite has been designed from the ground-up to be specifically tailored to the challenges of the offshore industry, it does not require the lengthy customisation process that would normally be associated with trying to add a replication mechanism to a system not originally designed to support one. The only customisation required with Insite is to accommodate differences in how each of our clients operates and the terminology they employ. There is no requirement to deal with the particular fundamental requirements of the offshore industry in question.

Insite offers a huge amount of flexibility, from a large number of quickly configurable options all the way to custom-made reports and extra functionality which can be designed and built to exact customer specifications. Customisation is particularly powerful in Insite because the system is built to meet the needs of offshore maritime companies meaning that changes are not fighting against an underlying design built for a different industry.

Insite itself is a mature system and has been around for more than a decade during which time most challenges have been encountered and successfully overcome. The system is extremely stable and any system outage is extremely rare. We pride ourselves on a service-centric approach and we always aim to exceed expectations.


Many of the areas that differ between contractors are already customisable through a series of configuration options. HSE report types, workflow permissions, drop-down list contents, and many other settings can be altered using the pre-existing controls already provided. Even the colour scheme of the system is customisable to match your company’s branding. Indeed, it is normal for the system to look like your own system with traces of 'Insite Offshore' removed.


If you have requirements that go further than what is available through the in-built configuration options then we are happy to provide further customisation. If there are particular data reports that your company requires then we can usually provide these relatively quickly if the relevant data is already available by tapping into the advanced search and reporting functionality already in place. If the data on which the report depends is not already available then we can also add additional data fields to any of the logging features within Insite and then derive the reports from that data.


Whilst our main focus is our Insite Offshore system, we also offer a consultancy service. This may be to provide additional tools or modules for Insite Offshore.

However, our clients can also draw on our experience when selecting any system to operate in an offshore environment. Our experience will help identify potential issues and hurdles that need to be overcome - many of these learnt from years of working with the everyday challenges presented from implementing systems in highly distributed and isolated sites offshore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Insite?

A. Insite is a system developed to cater for the niche requirements of Offshore industries. It has Operations, QHSE, Sales/Tender and Crew-tracking modules along with a Documentation module for tracking and managing documents. The system is configurable so you may only require one or more of the modules.

Q. If Insite is installed at all our sites, can we only see the data from the location where we are?

A. Insite synchronises the data multiple times per hour so all data is available to everyone, everywhere, all of the time (subject to the satellite links being up at least partially, of course).

Q. I saw on the front page that Insite can run onboard our offshore sites or can run just at our onshore site or be hosted externally. Can you tell me the difference between these set-ups and the pros and cons of each?

A. Our recommended mode of operation is to have Insite running locally at all your remote locations unless you have rock-solid 24x7 satellite comms to your onshore network. We recommend this mode so that Insite is always available to all employees company-wide. We understand that not all clients have the luxury of having IT infrastructure at all offshore sites so this may not always be possible. In that scenario we recommend accessing Insite over the satellite links to either a central onshore location (if you have an onshore IT department with company-wide networks) or an externally hosted solution. We can, of course, also offer a hybrid solution where some offshore sites run Insite locally and others access Insite over the links (e.g. the fleet is comprised of long-term charter/owned vessels with IT infrastructure and shorter-term charters without the IT infrastructure required).

Q. What requirements are there for running Insite across my company?

A. If you require Insite to run on your remote sites for continual access everywhere even when the links fail, then there is a firm requirement that all remote sites have satellite links (or similar regular network communication) between each site and the company headquarters onshore. Additionally, we need only a Windows server machine onboard to host the database. The application can live on any hardware and client access is via a standard web browser. If you choose to have a centralised system then the remote users onboard will still require access, so some form of link is required. Similarly, an externally-hosted solution will require access over the links for remote crews.

Q. How much does the system cost?

A. A very difficult answer to give accurately as it depends on so many factors. Every single client we have has differing needs to reflect their internal organisation structure so there is no 'one-size-fits-all'. However, what we are able to state with confidence is that we are the most cost-effective solution of any providers in what is a very niche area. As everyone within the offshore industry recognises, the current financial climate is not the sort of environment generally associated with capital expenditure on new IT systems. However, to help during the current turbulent times we are able to offer attractive terms which may not prohibit the procurement of the Insite Offshore system or some of it's modules. If you are interested in Insite Offshore then it's probably worth getting in touch for an initial no-obligation chat to ensure your needs and what Insite offers are indeed aligned. The contact form below can be used to get in touch or simply mail

Q. We have experienced poor support from 3rd party companies in the past, how can we be sure that this pattern won't be repeated with your system?

A. We pride ourselves on a service-centric approach to business and we know that our existing clients value this approach. Testimonials from some of our customers should also alleviate any concerns you may have on this issue.

Q. On a similar note, we have experienced situations where at the outset we are told a system can do everything we want but the reality after implementation is very different. How can we be sure this will not happen with Insite?

A. Yes, we've seen that sort of thing too. When you talk with us you will be dealing directly with the system developers and we will never say the system can do something that it cannot. However, we are always willing to listen to new requirements which will improve the system so if Insite doesn't currently have a particular feature you require then it may be possible to add these but we will always be clear about what Insite can and cannot do.

Q. Is it possible to see a demonstration of Insite?

A. Yes, of course. In the first instance, a discussion should establish if Insite is the correct fit for your company. If we have established this to be the case then we can give a remote demonstration where we manufacture data for you and put your corporate branding over the top of Insite. Ordinarily, if you prefer a face-to-face meeting, you would be very welcome to visit our offices in Scotland or we can visit you at your head-quarters. However, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, then we are limited in this respect and Teams/Zoom are the best way for us to showcase the Insite system and answer any questions you may have. Whilst we always prefer to meet our customers in person, system installation can be carried out remotely. We have been doing this for many years and it poses no obstacles at all.

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If you wish to know more about our system and its capabilities or you would like a demo of the system then please get in touch.